Henry Cornell
Managing Director
Goldman, Sachs and Co., and
Asia Society Trustee

Ralph Begleiter
Former CNN World Affairs Correspondent

Ambassador Stephen W. Bosworth
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Gaston Caperton
Governor of West Virginia (1989-1997), and
The College Board

Congressman Michael N. Castle
U.S. Representative, Delaware

Milton Chen
Executive Director
The George Lucas Educational Foundation

John M. Engler
Governor of Michigan (1991-2003)

Charlotte K. Frank
Senior Vice President
Research and Development
The McGraw-Hill Companies

Antonia Hernandez
President and General Counsel
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

James B. Hunt, Jr.
Governor of North Carolina (1977-1985, 1993-2001)

Helene L. Kaplan
Senior Counsel
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Charles E. M. Kolb
Committee on Economic Development

Kurt Landgraf
Educational Testing Service

William J. Perry

Former US Secretary of Defense, and
Senior Fellow
Hoover Institution

Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering
Senior Vice President, International Relations
The Boeing Company

Admiral Joseph Prueher
Former Commander in Chief
US Pacific Command

Richard Riley
Former US Secretary of Education

Morley Safer

CBS News

Mark Warner
Governor of Virginia

Ambassador Frank G. Wisner
Vice Chairman, External Affairs
American International Group, Inc.

2003 Prizes for Excellence in International Education

The John Stanford International School, Seattle, WA

Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL

University of Vermont, Asian Studies Outreach Program

The University of Vermont, and its Asian Studies Outreach Program (ASOP), is recognized for its work in assisting schools throughout Vermont in introducing the study of Asia into their curriculum and for its influence in inspiring the state to examine the international education needs of all students. In 1997, the University of Vermont initiated a statewide program to introduce the study of Asia into Vermont schools, kindergarten through 12th grade. ASOP emphasizes building and sustaining partnerships with schools over several years. The partnerships include assistance to teachers in curriculum development, and to school districts in expanding curriculum frameworks to include Asia and provisions to enable visiting teachers from Asia to work in Vermont schools. ASOP offers professional development workshops for teachers in locations around the state and through Vermont's interactive television network, which reaches every high school. The program also offers teachers study tours in China, Japan and Thailand. To promote institutionalization, the program involves administrators in many of its activities. Over the past three years, over 400 teachers have taken part in workshops, more than 300 have visited Asia and 157 principals and superintendents have participated in programs.

Fully 200 schools, or 33 percent of the total number of schools in Vermont, are offering content about Asia on a regular basis as a result of this program. The Vice Chair of the Vermont State Board of Education also credits the University of Vermont's ASOP with inspiring the state to establish a gubernatorial task force to examine what it should be doing to improve the international education of all its students.

North Carolina

North Carolina is the 2003 state winner of Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education for its long history of efforts to promote international knowledge and skills in the state. These include schools with an international focus such as Exploris Middle School, Smith Academy of International Languages, Winding Springs Elementary School, and Terry Sanford High School. Universities across the state have also worked with the schools to develop strong international activities, for example East Carolina University's Japan Center and World View, An International Program for Educators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The North Carolina Center for International Understanding, based at the University of North Carolina has been a central resource for international exchanges for educators, business and policy leaders, and innovative new program development. Technology collaborations like IBM Corporation's World-Links Partnership with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools also build bridges to schools and cities abroad.

The State of North Carolina under the leadership of Governor Michael Easley and a multisectoral team that includes Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Ward, the University of North Carolina's Center for International Understanding, and North Carolina's business community, have undertaken a comprehensive effort to ensure that all its students increase their international literacy. The team has implemented a systematic assessment and survey of current international programs in the state, conducted focus groups examining community sentiment, designed new international studies curriculum standards, and initiated a review of teacher preparation and professional development programs in the state. For more information on the ongoing work in North Carolina, please visit the State Initiatives page.

International Education and Resource Network (iEARN), New York, NY

The International Education and Resource Network (iEarn) is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 to promote linkages between schools in different parts of the world. Over 15,000 schools in 100 countries have participated in the network, making it the largest and most active school-to-school online linkage initiative involving thousands of schools each day in collaborative educational projects with their peers in other countries.

The over 120 projects operated by iEarn are all designed and facilitated by teachers and students to meet high priority curriculum needs, as well as global citizenship and youth development opportunities. Teachers and students enter online forum spaces to get involved in collaborative learning with classrooms in other parts of the world. Products of these collaborations include magazines, creative writing anthologies including work in multiple languages, Websites, reports to government officials and creative performances involving music and art. Recently, iEarn has also pioneered online interactive professional development courses, which have been tested by teachers in a number of countries, to prepare educators to integrate these online learning experiences in their classrooms.

Sesame Workshop’s Global Grover, New York, NY

Founded in 1968, Sesame Workshop is a non-profit communications and education organization best known for its legendary series Sesame Street. Local adaptations of Sesame Street have helped preschool children and their families learn and better understand each other in over 100 countries, including Russia, China, South Africa, Egypt, Germany and Mexico. The U.S. and international programming is viewed by over a 100 million people worldwide on an annual basis.

With the debut of a new Sesame Street segment, called Global Grover, in Spring 2003, the Workshop introduced a new element to promote international knowledge and global awareness among its viewers in the U.S. The furry blue Muppet character Grover has traveled to over a dozen countries, including China, South Africa, and Egypt, to expose children and families to distinctive customs, folk stories, sporting and cultural events and elements of language. The segments appear regularly on over 250 PBS stations nationwide and focus on an educational curriculum that promotes cultural appreciation and respect for differing perspectives. Segments featuring Global Grover model valuable social and inquiry skills including the value of persistence, discovery, cooperation and friendship. The Workshop is now developing educational outreach materials, including books and supplementary materials to be used in preschools and the primary grades, to complement the television programming.





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