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    Latest on Fri, 11:07 pm

    [email protected]: Hello, everyone!

    [email protected]: We are receiving a group of visitors from our partner school for 9 days in February. If you have hosted a visiting group, can you please share some ideas in terms of the host family selecting process, requirements of the host families, suggestions for the host families, manuals, the do’s [...]

    Lan-jy Duke: Ms. Lu, I tried the link but it doesn't work. Anybody tried to link before? Please let me know. Thanks tons!!

    [email protected]: Please vote for Chinese Music Video Contest from USM 2011. Here is the link: viewform?formkey=dExIWWpBNjBmejR6WVFtLXlPai1ZeEE6M Q Thank you!

    Lan-jy Duke: Hey, thanks tons for all you've done for the Confucius Classroom Teacher Institue at Newark. You guys are awesome!!

    [email protected]: 恭祝各位老师 新春快乐!兔年大吉!

    [email protected]: 各位老师,新年好! I wonder whether anybody has finished a version of your Chinese curriculum based on ACTFL standard. Or anybody would be interested in working together to create one? I teach HS. Hoping to do something for Chinese 1-4 levels.

    Yi Zheng: 新年快乐!

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