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Tokyo, Japan | May 16-18, 2007

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo


Praise for the Conference

"The Asia Society has been playing an important role in deepening ties and understanding among the peoples of Asia-Pacific and the United States. I truly expect the Asia Society will enhance this role for furthering the region's stability and prosperity."

-- Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

"The Asia Society has a marvelous reputation for attracting support from the very top government echelons of the host country and for creating conference themes that are timely and relevant."

-- Ron Anderson, Senior Vice President, AIG

"Without exception, every session was superb, both content and participants. I think that the diversity was very refreshing. There was not one session that did not hold my interest....The topics such as demographics, environment, etc. proved to be intellectually captivating and stimulating."

-- B. Scott Klika, BSK, Intíl

"Congratulations on a very successful event in Tokyo last week. I was able to attend a few of the sessions including the opening dinner, and was very impressed at the high level of speakers (it was a great coup to have the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice Minister of MITI at a single event!) and the range of interesting themes covered."

-- Patricia Bader-Johnston, IBM Japan

"The speakers were amazing, the panel discussions stimulating, the networking sessions well arranged and helpful, and of course, the food was great as well. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity. I cannot express enough thanks for the amount of time and hard work your group put in. I feel fortunate to have been able to participate in such a high caliber conference."

-- Yuri Ann Arthur, ANA All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

As Asia comes together on regional trade agreements and business partnerships, it also faces the looming threats of shifting demographics and an environmental crisis. It becomes pressing for Japan and its neighbors to engage each other and learn from examples of success and past mistakes. As the world’s second-largest economy, Japan is once again poised to assert its position as an engine of growth in Asia, and its economic resurgence creates a unique opportunity to redefine leadership roles and reevaluate the globalization game.

Asia Society’s 17th Asian Corporate Conference will bring together top business figures and government leaders from around the world to explore Asia’s economic future in the context of Japan’s resurgence and the next steps in globalization. How are Asian companies innovating to compete globally? How will Asia meet its growing demand for energy? What are the areas for collaboration in combating a growing environmental crisis? How will Japan’s role in the global economy evolve vis-à-vis Asia’s emerging powerhouses – China and India?

Since 1989, the Asian Corporate Conference has attracted a combined audience of more than 14,000 participants from more than 38 countries.

For more information, or to register, please contact Daniel Simon at the Asia Society:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: ++ 81 3 5400 1115
Fax: ++ 81 3 5400 1119

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