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March 11-13, 2001  |  The Taj West End Hotel  |  Bangalore, India

Marife B. Zamora

Managing Director, Headstrong Philippines, Inc. (formerly james martin + co Philippines, Inc.)
Member, Headstrong Asia Pacific Management Board

20D Rizal Tower, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Contact Numbers: +63-0917-5353501; +6327560885; +632-8856100

Joined james martin + co (jm+co) in September 1998 where she is responsible for leading a powerhouse e-solutions company with a global development center of 478 employees contributing to a $150M revenue plan. This growth is powered by large scale, mission critical projects secured , implemented and delivered for Global 2000s worldwide. These include a leading food and drugstore retailer in the Asia Pacific region, a large financial institution in the United Kingdom, a demand chain management company in the USA, among others. A description of these projects follow:

Leading food retailer in AP outsourced its merchandizing applications; enhancements focused on EDI capabilities of both core records and small stores inclusive of price management, order management, inventory management purchasing, procurement, financial control, etc.

Demand chain management company in the U.S. wanted a business model that allows retailers and distributors to more quickly identify and respond to consumers' changing needs and product preferences. Jm+co is the system integrator that embodies the business concepts enabling them to analyze sales trends, refine mechandize assortments and utilize a hypothesis based methodology to localize product mix and depth by retail location.

One of the UK's large banks needed large scale program management for the development of application processing and dealer management systems for motor business integrated into the bank's existing systems. Jm+co used component based development, enterprise application integration (EAI) to address its short term delivery requirement and stringent quality standards.

Also responsible for business development and delivery of Headstrong's vision of helping clients invent, build and realize business of the future or digital business in the Philippines. 1st half 2001 results reflected 81% increase over same time last year in a sector and territory with projected growth of 8%.

Also led the strategy and implementation of an overall operating model for the business while also managing operations on a day to day basis, developing methodological framework and infrastructure for inducting, training and certifiying consultants. This resulted in a decreasing attrition rate of 12% in 1999 and 8% to date.

Built alliances with solution providers which resulted in sizable concessions for the firm and ongoing revenue, new business relationships for technology partners.

Managed the acquisition of the Asia Pacific subsidiary of a $2B IT services company based in Florida and the integration of 80 employees in 1999. Greatly contributed to acquisition of the services subsidiary of a $6B global technology company with 50 employees and a 5-year ongoing yearly revenue commitment.

Contributed to the achievement of geography's readiness to IPO in the management, operational, social and technical perspectives with focus on attainment of revenue, profitability and margin objectives on a month-to-month basis.

Responsible for building a positive image of the firm locally by building mutually beneficial relationships with employees, clients, business partners, regulatory bodies, investment firms, media and analysts.

Range of Experience

IBM Philippines, Inc. (1980- 1998)

Division Manager, Banking, Finance and Securities Industry

Achieved country banking, finance and securities (BFS) industry revenue, expense and profit targets. Managed BFS client relationship teams and industry solution units to achieve vertical and country objectives. Improved customer satisfaction. Understood business environment and set strategies for breakthrough results. Built organizational capability, developed talent and aligned personal needs and priorities with the greater good of organization, not its individual businesses. Focused organization on winning strategies through skillful influence and action with impact. Focused on winning by executing with speed and flexibility. Was passionate about the business and winning in the marketplace. Grew the business to $40M in 1998 contributing to 40% of total country revenue.

Marketing Manager, Banking, Finance, Securities and Insurance Industry

Managed marketing professionals handling top banking and insurance organizations. Coordinated management of these accounts to deliver, perform and consult on I/T solutions for the business. Directed and led major marketing and customer satisfaction activities. Performed advisory work for clients in the area of maximization of I/T investment and worked closely with relationship managers, product specialists, services professionals to tailor value-added solutions. Generated new insights about how to position the business to win in the marketplace. Resulted in 3 Golden Circle awards, the highest recognition for an IBM sales professional.

Account Relationship Manager

Managed biggest IBM-P client with support, pricing and service to client satisfaction. Developed and implemented marketing plan to maximize business generation in territories covered. Worked collaboratively with specialists worldwide and multilateral business partners. Prepared annual commercial banking industry review. Made continuous improvements in existing client relationship business models - doing things faster, better and at lower cost and higher quality. Took calculated business risks to pursue new market opportunities. Consistently delivered a minimum of 50% year-to-year growth.

Marketing Representative

Proposed, sold, installed IBM's first point-of-sale solution to the leading retail giant in the country; successful in upgrading the largest insurance company's I/T infrastructure to state-of-the-art technology; responsible for marketing IBM total banking solutions consisting of mainframe, integrated banking application, branch delivery systems, self-service solutions to the top banks in the land.

Education and professional qualifications

Bachelor of Science major in Mathematics, University of the Philippines - University Scholar, College Scholar

University of the Philippines' Sigma Delta Phil Alumni Association

Vice President, Philippine Software Association


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