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March 11-13, 2001  |  The Taj West End Hotel  |  Bangalore, India

Micah Truman

Micah Truman, 29- (American) CEO, Co-founder of Madeforchina, an Internet focused marketing and consulting company based out of Beijing, China. With over 6 years of China based business development experience, Micah has led Madeforchina's expansion from a two to a sixty five person company in 3 years. Madeforchina's client list includes Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Hewlett >Packard, Swatch, Legend Computer, and Intel.

Micah has been a featured speaker at the Wharton School of Business (1999), Digital Dividends Conference (2000), The Economist Conference on the Chinese Internet (2000), Chinadotcom Conference (2000), and Internet World NY(2000).

Wharton School of Business (1999)- spoke on starting up an Internet focused company in China, as well as on the parth to profitability Digital Dividends Conference (2000)- spoke on the Digital Divide, and how China will be a key benchmark as to whether we are able to close this divide on a global scale. This was a great conference- there were about 20 speakers, and they managed to get Vint Cerf, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates in as speakers.

The Economist Conference on the Chinese Internet (2000)- spoke on a panel discussing the various Internet focused business models that exist, and which ones are best suited to the Chinese Mainland.

Chinadotcom Conference (2000)- Was flown to both Hong Kong and San Francisco by Chinadotcom to speak at their forums on the Chinese Internet, focusing on entrepreneurialism.

Internet World NY(2000)- spoke on a panel with VP of International Development from HP, and Hurst Lin, co-founder of Sina on the current business enviroment in Asia, especially in regards to the affect the Internet industry.


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