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March 11-13, 2001  |  The Taj West End Hotel  |  Bangalore, India

Prof. Lin Rong

Secretary-General, China Reform Forum

Prof. Lin Rong, Secretary-General of China Reform Forum, graduated from Renmin University of China and France National School if Administration.

He has been devoted to the cause of reform and opening-up in China and is one of the initiators for China Reform Forum, which was established in 1994. China Reform Forum, primarily made up of open-minded senior governmental officials, well-known scholars and business leaders, is a platform for its members to study and discuss from multidisciplinary perspectives strategic issues concerning economic reform in China. As one of the prestigious think-tanks in China, China Reform Forum has submitted a number of valuable reports on policy-making since its inception.

For many years, Prof. Lin has been conducting research on hot-spot issues relating to economic reform. He has leaded such important research programmes as °Reform on State-owned Enterprise, Financial Risks Management, °China and WTO, °The Chinese Strategies on Informationization Development. Currently he is leading the research programme titled °Issues on Informationization of the Enterprises in China.


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