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Mark J. Riedy

Thelen Reid & Priest LLP
701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20004
Telephone: (202) 508-4000
Fax: (202) 508-4321
E-Mail: [email protected]

Partner – Project & Asset Finance

Mark J. Riedy, Esquire, is Chairman of the Firm's Indian Subcontinent Practice, Co-Chairman of the Firm's Asia Practice, a member of the Project and Asset Finance Department, and Chairman of Thelen Reid & Priest LLP's formal affiliation with Titus & Radhakrishnan, with offices in New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Calcutta.

Primary Areas of Legal Practice
Mr. Riedy practices in the areas of energy, environment, communications, infrastructure and project finance, domestically and internationally. His work has included the negotiating and drafting of development, project and debt and equity financing (with private companies and institutions and bilateral and multilateral international agencies) contracts and counseling clients on general corporate, tax, government contracts, import/export trade, regulatory and legislative issues.

He counsels these clients in a wide variety of regions with a particular emphasis on Pacific Rim countries including, but no limited to, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan. Over the years, he has also represented clients in similar projects in Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovakia, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Central America. Mr. Riedy has represented clients in South Asia since 1980, and since January 1991 has spent six months each year on the ground in India.

In his energy and environment practices, Mr. Riedy has represented alternative energy (e.g., alcohol and ether fuels, general biomass, and cogeneration) and conventional (e.g., electric power, crude oil, refined petroleum products and natural gas) energy, environmental (air, water and soil issues involving mobile and stationary source emissions, permitting, hazardous/nonhazardous wastes, storage tanks compliance, and toxic chemicals) and infrastructure (steel manufacturing, water supply, waste-water treatment, desalinization, engineering and construction) clients in negotiating and drafting development and finance contracts, preparing permit applications and obtaining certificates thereto, and advising in corporate, domestic and international trade matters.

In his communications practice, he has assisted a large telecommunications client to win the first uncontested bid for communications in the Rao Administration, resulting in the installation of 2000 very small aperture terminal ("VSAT") units on the National Stock Exchange in Mumbai. Mr. Riedy, along with Thelen Reid & Priest and Titus & Radhakrishnan attorneys, has represented telecommunications clients in each of the bids for cellular, basic services, paging, mobile trunk radio and other value-added services. Mr. Riedy is working with direct-to-home TV and radio broadcasters, programmers and satellite operators on a wide variety of matters, including the negotiation and drafting of uplink and downlink agreements and the development of broadcast legislation. The Firm has been counsel to the largest project financing in history, Africa One - the installation of a submarine fiber optic telephone cable around Africa which interlinks forty-two African nations. A similar cable is expected to be installed around India. Thelen Reid & Priest has been general counsel to the Pacific Telecom Council which oversees all telecom activities in Asia.

Mr. Riedy also won, on behalf of clients, the first bids for power and steel manufacturing facilities in the Rao Administration. He has won all nine bid proposals he has prepared on behalf of clients. In this representation, he prepares permit applications and obtains the appropriate certificates thereto.

Mr. Reidy graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. degree, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and from the Georgetown University Law Center with a J.D. degree.

Professional Qualifications
Mr. Riedy currently is a Board Member of the U.S.-India Business Council and Chairman of its Telecommunications Committee (where he drafts many of the position papers for telecommunications, broadcast and other communications issues), a Board Member of the U.S.-India Subcommission (statutorily established by acts of the U.S. Congress and India Parliament in 1974) (where he oversees power, communications and infrastructure issues), the Chairman of the India Energy Council, a Board Member of the International Private Energy Association, the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Reform Committee and a member of the Electric Power Task Force of the U.S.-India Commercial Alliance, and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Long Beach, California-Calcutta Sister Cities Program. He also is a Board Member of the Association for Competitive International Telecommunications and the International Private Water Association, and the Chairman of the International Policy Committee of the National Hydropower Association. He is on the Board of Editors of the India Business News, India Business and Investment Report, and Hydro Review, serving as their legal advisor for project finance and contracts. He speaks and publishes regularly on Asia legal matters. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Indian-American Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar Association. Mr. Riedy is also General Counsel to energy, environmental and international trade associations located in Washington, D.C. and New York City.



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