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Facing a War on Two Fronts

With the Communist Party continuing to foment insurrection internally, the Japanese in Manchuria became increasingly aggressive. Echoing Feng Guifen’s predicament during the Taiping Rebellion, Chiang was forced to choose where to allocate his forces, and he chose the communists. A patriotic warlord in the western city of Xian took issue with Chiang’s decision and decided… Read more »

Rising to Leadership

By the time Sun died in 1925, Chiang had maneuvered himself to inherit the leadership of Nationalist party. With his well-trained army and modern tactics, Chiang set about reunifying China, conquering warlords one by one. In 1927, having brought most of China under control, Chiang suddenly turned his sights on his own allies in the… Read more »

Joins Sun’s Army

Returning from Japan, Chiang put his training to work fighting against the forces of warlord Yuan Shikai. First in Shanghai, then in Guangdong, Chiang gradually rose through the ranks of the Republican Army. Chiang draws closer to Sun Yat-sen when he┬árescues Sun from a hostage situation in Guangzhou. His faith in Chiang growing, Sun sends… Read more »