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In and Out of Prison

Liu embodies Chen Duxiu’s words: “There are only two sources of civilization: one is the research institute and the other is the prison.” In and out of prison over the next decade, Liu used every brief moment of freedom to publish aggressive attacks against government repression, writing often about Tiananmen, democracy and rule of law. But… Read more »

The Yan’an Camp

During Japanese War and World War II the Communist Part spent nearly a decade in Yan’an, developing many important aspects of Maoism. From this base of power, Mao would launch the last phase of a revolution that swept Chiang from power and established the People’s Republic. Mao used the war years to develop ideology that would… Read more »

Edgar Snow

Much of what we know of Mao’s childhood is quoted from an interview with American journalist Edgar Snow, who traveled to speak with Mao at the Communist’s base in Yan’an. Snow spoke to Mao about his relationship to his father, his influences, hopes and dreams, and included a biography of Mao in his book Red Star… Read more »