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Why language learning cannot be separated from other academic content areas

The materials and resources in the China and Globalization series are designed to be used by teachers of Chinese at the elementary and secondary levels, and beyond. Each lesson comes with a set of interactive flashcards and a video that introduces the content. The lessons are generally targeted at beginning and intermediate learners, but can be applied and adapted to just about any Chinese language class. We believe firmly that each individual teacher must adapt and align the materials they are using with reference to the particular needs of their students and courses, and in coordination with their colleagues in the school. For this reason, the China and Globalization materials are not meant to be “off the shelf” resources. That is, while they can be used as complete lessons or units, they work best if they are adapted by teachers and incorporated meaningfully into their curriculum and teaching plan. We are confident that there is something here for every learner, from younger learners to adults, from those studying with teachers to those studying on their own.

Many language programs exist simply as classes within school buildings. It is clear, however, that the most robust, dynamic, and successful programs over the long term are those that connect what is going on in the language classroom with authentic learning experiences, other academic content areas, and the life of the school more generally. Language learning is both a field of inquiry unto itself and a tool through which to access and interpret information and content in the humanities, arts, history, and science. Students can use the methods of history, literature, linguistics, etc. to investigate language – but they can also use the tool of language to engage with science, mathematics, literature, philosophy, and culture.

We hope these units will engage and challenge your students, and hopefully help redefine their notions of “China” and “Chinese culture.” They are meant as a celebration of China’s diverse connections with the world.