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Asia 21 Young Leaders Debate for Building Resiliency Seen as Economic Growth

The debate motion for the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility 2014 held recently in Manila, Philippines is “Building resilient communities is mainly about economic growth.” Our Asia 21 leaders Arnel Casanova and Vivian Claire Liew spoke for the Proposition, before an audience of 500+ corporate and social leaders, though with a larger segment from NGOs.

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From “Aghanistan 21”—“Reasons to Hope”

There is no denying that the road ahead for Afghanistan, even when a new president takes office and the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) gets signed, will continue to be fraught with tremendous challenges for the foreseeable future.  However, people like Lotfullah Nazafizada, Afghan 21 Class of 2011, offer reasons for hope.

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Asia Society is Seeking Nominations for Asia 21 Young Leaders Network

Asia Society is currently seeking Asia 21 Young Leaders for our Class of 2014-15, as well as for our Asia 21 sub-groups: India-Pakistan 21 and Afghan 21. Each year, Asia Society welcomes a new class of 30 Young Leaders under age 40 from throughout Asia and the U.S. to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue and cultural exchange, and to develop cooperative responses for addressing shared challenges.

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Asia 21 Young Leaders: Changing the Narrative – Afghanistan’s Future

This event featuring three Asia 21 Young Leaders—Saad  Mohseni and Aarya Nijat from Afghanistan;  Faiysal AliKhan from Pakistan—underscored reasons for a more hopeful future for Afghanistan, contrary to what the mainstream media tend to portray in their coverage.  Asia Society trustee and Chairman of the Board, ONE Campaign Tom Freston moderated the discussion.   

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Afghanistan – Post – 2014?

Mohammad Nader Yama, Asia 21 Afghanistan Young Leader writes an astute assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and what the country needs so as to steer clear of regressing into a state of deeper internal strife and corruption. Encouraged by the spirited democratic elections, Yama sees them as a turning point, hopefully leading to a path of peaceful and inclusive state building.

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