Vivian Liu’s Project Audacious Hope Receives PKR 2.9 Million

Vivian speaking at Harvard.

Vivian speaking at Harvard.

Vivian Claire Liu (A21 Young Leader, Kuala Lumpur 2009), founder of PhilanthropyWorks (“PW”), is delighted to announce the success of their project proposal for PKR 2.9 million of funding from an EU Embassy, to anchor its job-training program in Project Audacious Hope, Pakistan.

Vivian spearheads the project that serves 2000 largely illiterate and defrauded minorities in Islamabad, most of whom had been forced out of their villages as a result of religious conflict. PhilanthropyWorks has been collaborating with the Government of Pakistan, multilateral agencies, as well as international and local civil society, in completing Phase 1: stabilizing their nutritional, health and living situation.  The project is now poised to commence Phase 2: over the next two years, targeted job-training to raise both their income security and overall pay levels.

PhilanthropyWorks is Asia’s first philanthropy advisory and execution boutique dedicated to advising foundations, corporates, and governments on catalytic philanthropy. PW conducts due diligence, develops multi-disciplinary insights that hone philanthropic strategies, executes the plans, and evaluates their impact. Vivian’s burning passion for public service led her to world-class organizations across the private, public, and non-profit spheres in four continents —Goldman Sachs Corporate Finance in Hong Kong, the World Bank in Washington DC, UBS in Singapore, Medecins sans Frontieres as both international board director in Brussels and financial controller in Liberia.  Vivian was chosen as the World Bank’s first Junior Associate building the model that quantified the true wage bill of the Government of Indonesia.

For more information about PhilanthropyWorks, click here and like their Facebook Page.

To support IntelliHealth Asia, the spin-off social enterprise which helps fund Project Audacious Hope with radiation shield cases, do like IntelliHealth on Facebook, or contact [email protected] for joint venture opportunities in your APAC country.

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