From Snowy NYC, to Tokyo, Beijing, and Sunny India

During her 6-month stay in Japan as a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow, Asia 21 Fellow Alexandra Harney was delighted to have the support from her fellow Asia 21 young leaders in Japan who made sure that she felt at home. Gen Kanai, Claire Chino, and Daisuke Kan were incredibly helpful to her and Daisuke, in particular, went the extra 10 miles to connect Alexandra to interesting people in Tokyo, including both family, and friends. “Daisuke opened the doors to his world—full of creative, inspiring people trying to make Japan and the world a better place. He transformed my six months in Japan, and for that, I am extremely grateful to Daisuke, and to Asia 21” she says.

Meanwhile, the 2012 Asia 21 Fellows (who now call themselves, “Asia Unlocked”) had a number of social gatherings since the 2012 Dhaka Summit: Eric Wong and Undraa Agvaanluvsan met briefly in snowy NYC earlier this year, Dee Lee and Eric met in Beijing too, while Suvani Singh, Sapna Desai, and Sonam Tashi was in Delhi for a get-together. Kudos to Asia Unlocked for organizing these interactions post-summit!

Asia 21 Young Leaders Xing Danwen and Danny Levinson were treated to a homemade meal at Scarlett Li’s Beijing home in late March. They were joined by friends and family.

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