Farina Studies Cham Muslim Immigrant Families

Farina So (A21 Young Leader, New Delhi 2011) has been recently admitted in a PhD in Global Studies at University of Massachusetts Lowell for the fall of 2013. Farina is the head of Cham Muslim Oral History/Identities Project at the Documentation Center of Cambodia.

She is currently working on a research project titled “Cham Muslims in Malaysia and Thailand: Then and Now” under the Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Fellowship. This research project looks at Cham Muslim identity construction and inter-generational relations in Cham Muslim immigrant families in Malaysia and Thailand in relation to (forced) migration, acculturation and enculturation, residential segregation, downward and upward mobility, social network, economic status, and gender relations. She is currently in Thailand completing this project which is due in June 2013.

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