Voices of Asia 21: “Enlightening the Gray” by Nader Yama

Enlightening the Gray – 2014 and Beyond: Thoughts, Scenario Clarity, Dynamism – Way Forward by Mohammad Nader Yama, Director for Strategic Coordination, Independent Directorate of Local Governance; Member of Afghan Young Leaders Initiative (AYLI) -2013

Enlightening the Gray-Revised Nader YamaIn an op-ed piece, AYLI fellow Mohammed Nader Yama (AYLI 2011) addresses the key issues that face Afghan leaders as the 2014 political transition and NATO exit draw closer.   He calls on the new generation of leaders and technocrats to “build a strong state and lead Afghanistan to… sustainable economic growth,” and sets out clear objectives and actions to overcome development obstacles.   His objectives include addressing fear about the transition, pushing key reforms and creating hope by inculcating trust in the new political and technocratic leadership, in hopes of shifting the country from “being a victim of terrorism to a champion of tourism and trade.”  His practical solutions take into account the enormous opportunity Afghanistan is now faced with, and the risk that the new leadership will disappoint and disillusion the Afghan people.   They include building dynamic teams to fight corruption, structural reforms within government and closer relationships with the communities it serves, and building parallel structures to ensure that all power is not vested in the government.    Also mentioned is increased coordination with the international community, better technical resources, a buildup of youth networking opportunities and continued growth of civil society.  Finally, building a consensus among the Afghan people and building shared values of trust and responsibility are vital to Afghanistan’s development.  For Yama, the way forward will require a “holistic effort” by all future leaders, to “develop practical solutions” through increased communication and combined effort.

Download the article here.

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