Asia Society Awards This Year’s Afghanistan 21 Young Leaders

New York (October 17, 2013) – Asia Society is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Afghanistan 21 Young Leaders Initiative (AYLI), which brings together Afghanistan’s up-and-coming leaders under the age of 40 to discuss the country’s most pressing issues.

This year’s winners include a diverse group of fellows including a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, business executives, and the captain of the Afghanistan women’s soccer team. The awardees are the third group of fellows brought together by Asia Society to help nurture a community of next generation Afghan leaders who will educate each other and expand Afghan dialogue on leadership issues, organize leadership training workshops in Afghan universities, and participate in media outreach activities designed to highlight outstanding next generation leadership in Afghanistan.

“We are thrilled to have such a diverse and impressive group of leaders to become part of the Afghanistan 21 network at such a crucial time for the country,” said Asia Society, Global Leadership Initiatives Executive Director Dr. Michael G. Kulma. “This year’s meeting in Kabul will no doubt be the start of a long and important journey for these fellows in contributing positively to Afghanistan’s progress in the years ahead.”

The Afghanistan 21 Young Leaders Initiative was established in 2011, and is part of the broader Asia Society Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative, which is considered the Asia-Pacific region’s premiere next generation leadership program. Asia 21 has over 800 members, active chapters across the region, scores of  projects, and other collaborations that bring leaders together from across borders and boundaries.

To interview fellows or learn more about the Asia 21 initiative email [email protected] or call 212-327-9271. To attend the gathering in Kabul Oct. 24 please RSVP to Mr. Benjamin Linden at [email protected]

To learn more about Afghanistan 21 and Asia 21’s broader network visit us at:

About the Winners

You can see a full list of the winners and learn about their backgrounds here:

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