Afghanistan – Post – 2014?

Mohammad Nader Yama, Asia 21 Afghanistan Young Leader writes an astute assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and what the country needs so as to steer clear of regressing into a state of deeper internal strife and corruption. Encouraged by the spirited democratic elections, Yama sees them as a turning point, hopefully leading to a path of peaceful and inclusive state building.

In addition to the election results, Yama identifies the key questions that could shape the future of Afghanistan. The concerns over foreign aid for instance, or over the capacity of the National Security Forces.

“Afghanistan is not yet a post-conflict state, it is very much still in conflict, and has yet to overcome the adversities of violence, corruption, the abuse of power, and several atrocious human rights violations,” he says.

Yama believes that the achievement of a democratic, inclusive and peaceful nation relies on the youth- ‘the new generation of Afghanistan’, who he wishes to see in positions of effective leadership, and on responsible local governance. The new administration needs to be capable, inclusive, and cognizant of the need of the younger generation. He recognizes the need of the international community, in particular NATO and the ISAF to help enable them, and make the shift from simply ‘foreign aid’ to capacity building.

To build a prosperous Afghanistan is to “create hope, build trust and sustain security, peace, and socioeconomic development.”

Mohammad Nader Yama is an Asia 21 Afghanistan Young Leader (2011) and has been committed to delivering peace, stability and socio-economic development in the region as well as worldwide. He is a strong advocate of local expertise and support, serving as Director of Strategic Coordination for the Independent Directorate for Local Governance. He has also addressed the plight of the people of Afghanistan at a number of forums, including the United Nations, Human Rights Commission and the Afghan Government.

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