“A Celebration of Democracy” – An Account by Afghanistan 21 Young Leader Freshta Karim

Freshta’s account begins on her 22nd birthday, the eve of the Afghan elections- the democratic transition that nation anxiously awaits.  Using her birthdays for reference, she reflects on the events that have shaped the country, and the journey that has found both her and Afghanistan earnestly awaiting change. She describes the month twenty two years prior, when her family would have celebrated not only her birth but the ‘Islamic and peaceful government’, completely oblivious to the four year civil strife that lay ahead. Through the innocent eyes of a child, Freshta illustrates the perpetual dread in Kabul. “Marks of bullets and bombs were visible in every second building of the city but for me, then a Cartoon Network addict, it all appeared like illusionary cartoon figures,” she writes. 
Returning to the eve of the 2014 elections, Freshta lays claim to a peaceful, democratic and strong government. Having endured years of political upheaval, she is adamant to have it, for herself and for her country.

“Tomorrow will be a celebration of Freedom, Freedom of choice, of deciding for our faith, for our future, for claiming all our rights as a human, for changing course of history, for showing the world that we are no more puppets, that Great Games cannot be played anymore here, that we are no more a playground and above all for writing our own history”.

Freshta Karim is an Afghanistan 21 Young Leader (2013). She is the Communication Officer at ActionAid Afghanistan. A keen observer, an avid reader and blogger, Freshta writes her thoughts regularly at http://freshtauncut.tumblr.com/

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