India-Pakistan Young Leaders Initiative

The India-Pakistan Regional Young Leaders Initiative (IPRYLI) seeks to help nurture a community of next generation leaders in India and Pakistan committed to working together on a cross-border public service project addressing the most fundamental issues facing the region.  We are fortunate to have the Jinnah Institute, a non-profit public policy organization as our local partner in Pakistan, and Asia Society’s India Center, based in Mumbai, as key partners on the ground.

As part of a process designed to build this regional network of leaders, IPRYLI members will take the following steps:

  • attend the India-Pakistan Regional Young Leaders Forum during the summer, and then the annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit at the end of the year;
  • collaboratively develop a cross-border public service project as part of the community-building process;
  • actively communicate via a specially dedicated section of the Asia 21 Young Leaders social networking site;
  • work with a media consultant to implement a broad media outreach strategy on the challenges of leadership for India and Pakistan that also highlights the profiles and work of the young leaders; and
  • connect to Asia 21 sector groups, which will link them to leaders from across Asia within particular sectors (media, government, business, arts, etc.)

The Asia Society believes that making a long-term investment in the development of a regional next generation leadership network can help lay a foundation for the kind of long-term change that can ultimately help stabilize the region.  With its seven-year track record, the Asia 21 program is a model vehicle to foster and sustain such leadership in the region.

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