Poem Scroll with Selections from the Anthology of Chinese and Japanese Poems for Recitation (Wakan Roei Shu)

Calligraphy by Hon'ami Koetsu (1558-1637)
Painting by a follower of Tawaraya Sotatsu

Edo period, dated to 1626
Handscroll; ink and gold on silk
12 5/8 x 206 1/2 in. (32.1 x 524.5 cm); 1979.214

Artist Comments

Ping Chong
Viewing this scroll, I am denied the music of the Chinese and Japanese language configured as poetry since I cannot read either language. I can also only imagine the original context in which this scroll was meant to be viewed, intimately, in the seventeenth century, aristocratic world of Japan. All that said, one can still take ample if not complete pleasure in the loveliness of this work, in the complex interplay of light and space, form and structure. It is an elegant, visual dance between calligraphic gesture and bamboo shimmering with gold seen through an elongated window, slowly unfolding.

Ken Chu
1639 Japanese enforces policy of isolation from all Europeans, except a token Dutch trading post
1920s Fortune cookies invented in the U.S.
1953 Dale Joe (1924-2001), San Bernadino-born Chinese-American abstract expressionist artist receives a John Hay Whitney Fellowship, and in 1956, a Fulbright Fellowship. In 1960, he is included in Young America at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Dale is survived by his partner of 50 years, Jack Champlin. Colleagues and associates include:
Miné Okubo Robinson Jeffers
Allan Kaprow Jack Tworkov
Wolf Kahn Brice and Helen Marden
Robert DeNiro, Sr. Andy Warhol
Leon Golub Bernice Bing
1969 Asian American Study is inaugurated at San Francisco State University and University of California, Berkeley
1982 Maya Lin (1959- ), Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Jenni Holzer (1950- ), Truism displays on the Spectacolor Board in Times Square
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