Civil Official

North China
Tang period, 8th century
Earthenware with multicolored lead glazes and traces of pigment (sancai ware)
H. 40 3/4 in. (103.5 cm); 1979.114

Artist Comments

Ken Chu

776 BC First Olympic Games in Greece
652 Koran written
1271-1295 Marco Polo (1254-1324) travels from Venice, Italy, through India, China, Burma, and Persia to the court of Kublai Khan
1938 Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959), Taliesin West, Phoenix, AZ, is dotted with glazed Chinese earthenware
1948 Sammy Lee (1920- ) is awarded the high-diving gold medal in the Olympic Games, four years later he wins again. He later coaches Somoan-American Greg Louganis (1960- )
1949 People's Republic of China is founded under Mao Tse-tung (1883-1976)
1955 Cold War (1955-1989) among Soviet Union, China, and US
1961 Win Ng (1936-1991) is one of the first generations of artists to use the ceramic medium in a non-utilitarian context. His bold geometric sculptures brings the medium into the American abstract expressionist school.
Mattel introduces Ken doll.
1999 Anne Chu (1959- ), House with Bamboo Tree and Court Lady