India, Uttar Pradesh, Sarnath area
Gupta period, about 475
H. 34 1/8 in. (86.7 cm); 1979.5

Artist Comments

Yong Soon Min
This Buddha embodies an inspiring synthesis of sensuality and serenity. It is endowed with many subtle, quiet qualities: simplicity, grace, and a disarming delicacy of expression and form. Sinuous, curvilinear forms repeat throughout the piece to create a harmonious whole. The Buddha also appears youthful and sensuous, even feminine with his full lips and the firm roundness of the body. And yet in his clarity and simplicity of definition, absent of any severity or stiffness in the pose, this Buddha emanates a powerful sense of repose and serenity. He would even seem to be suspended, floating, enhanced by the sandstone's lightness of hue, if not for the anchor of the mandorla and the base.