Forum 2014: Manila

Jay Directo/Stringer: AFP/Getty Images

Jay Directo/Stringer: AFP/Getty Images

2nd Annual Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative Forum:

Creating Resilient and Livable Cities. 

March 11-13, 2014 | Manila, Philippines


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In March 2014, the 2nd Annual PCSI Forum was held in Manila, Philippines. Now entering its fifth year, the Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative convened a group of more than 150+ urban sustainability experts from across the globe for its second invitation-only dialogue focused on contemporary urban sustainability challenges, and exploring promising new approaches to creating cities that are both resilient and livable.

Through site-visits, keynotes, panels, and problem-solving workshops, the Forum provided participants with an opportunity to exchange best practices and share lessons learned. Participants met and networked with a range of government representatives, global experts from urban planning, NGOs, the private sector, and academia. Advanced students from Pacific Rim universities also presented their ideas at a dedicated poster session at this year’s Forum.

The Host City: Manila

Manila and other major urban centers across the Asia-Pacific are developing rapidly but have struggled to implement long-range, people-oriented urban planning strategies. Severe storms and typhoons are a regular and growing threat, especially in the Philippines where the latest storm, Super Typhoon Haiyan, was one of the country’s worst natural disasters. In the face of this challenge, Asia-Pacific cities are struggling to develop housing and transit infrastructure that can stand up to extreme weather. Balancing the need for urban resiliency with a focus on enhancing livability remains a fundamental challenge to urban development in Manila and beyond.

To address this challenge, the Forum aimed to uncover innovative approaches that could be applied locally in the Philippines and could also be scaled globally. By evaluating the Philippines’ experience with rapid urban population growth and extreme weather events, the Forum sought to contribute to an understanding of how to create more sustainable, resilient, and livable cities in an age of increasing climate uncertainty.